handshakemanx300Preparing people for the bar exam is the focus of my career. I have mastered the mindset of the bar examiners and I instill this perspective and knowledge into each client. I regularly work with clients who earned their law degree in foreign countries. I have extensive experience with people who have learning disabilities. I have brought success to clients who did not find it with other tutors. I design a study program for each client that takes their unique profile into account. Here are the essential elements of my approach:


After preparing people for the bar for twenty-four years, I know that no two people are alike, and I categorically reject the “one-size fits all” approach. Thus, each client receives a weekly study schedule that is individually tailored to their unique needs and situation.


I have always believed in active learning. One-on-One meetings are held once a week during which the law is discussed and applied to interesting and challenging hypotheticals. This serves to solidify each client’s knowledge with the collateral effect of building confidence. Each session lasts two hours. We address your questions about the law, review the essays you have written, and analyze MBE questions.


I believe that practice is the key to success. I review and critique as many essays as possible with each client. I have seen this bring success hundreds of times. Each client writes dozens of essays and I evaluate the style and substance of each one. Extensive feedback is provided on each essay, and a profile of each client’s writing style is developed. There is nothing better than actual application of the law as a path to success.

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I have a simple but highly effective strategy for mastering the MBE. It is not unusual for clients to increase their scores by 20 points or more. The all-time record is held by a client who increased his raw score on the MBE by 32 points!

Over half of all jurisdictions now have the Multistate Performance Test as a component of their exam. This can be a “moving target” because you do not know ahead of time what your assigned task will be. I have a logical and simple approach to the MPT that de-mystifies it and allows you to complete it on time and in a way that maximizes your score.


I specialize in preparing people for the bar exam in the following jurisdictions:
New York * New Jersey * California * Maryland * District of Columbia * Virginia * Texas and ALL states that use the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE).


All meetings are held in-person for clients in the Washington, DC area. For clients further away, meetings are held by SKYPE, FaceTime, or by telephone.


Cost includes The Sullivan Method study guides (with pre-payment of 10 tutorial sessions), a two-hour weekly tutorial, an individually tailored study program, and essay evaluation. Most clients schedule 10 – 14 sessions before they sit for the exam.

Contact me at tutorials@barexamstrategy.com for a free personal consultation.


Due to time constraints, I can only work with 15 clients each bar exam season. Please contact me as soon as possible if you think you might be interested in private tutorials.