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The Sullivan Method books articulate the law in a manner that makes complex theories clear, relatable, and digestible. The Sullivan Method is not about working harder, it is truly about working more efficiently. My MBE score jumped nearly 20 points, and I give all the credit to The Sullivan Method’s targeted yet thorough MBE book. Thank you Dion!
Andrew H., New York Attorney
The Sullivan Method really opened my eyes. I now understand things that weren’t clear in law school. And the proof is in the pudding: My raw MBE score increased by 32 points!!! I passed Oklahoma and I can waive into D.C.
Brand New Lawyer, Oklahoma
The chips were down when I took the bar exam for the second time, and I needed to rely on something solid. The Sullivan Method books were exactly what I needed. Shorter and clearer than anything else I had seen, and somewhat entertaining too! I knew what counted and that’s all that mattered.
E. Meyers , Maryland Attorney
I passed the New York Bar exam, and it was thanks to The Sullivan Method of study and approach to the substantive materials. Thank you SO much!
Dorothy M., New York Attorney
I had taken the bar exam SEVEN times before I found The Sullivan Method materials. They made all the difference – I passed, I finally passed!
D.B. Lee, North Carolina Attorney
The Sullivan Method materials are really compact and clear, in fact, clearer than other bar review materials I used. I felt more confident on the MBE than ever before. With limited time to study, this was exactly what I needed. I’ve taken my last bar exam!
J. Brown, Virginia Attorney

I used The Sullivan Method Multistate Basics before I started my bar review course and it made all the difference in the world. While my friends were trying to get a grip on the law, I was doing practice tests. This made all the difference.
G. Hoffman, Esq.
Using The Sullivan Method Multistate Basics before beginning bar review was a great idea. I had focused on International Law in law school and needed a refresher in the MBE subjects. Multistate Basics focuses on the essential points of law that I saw tested on the bar exam. Whenever I felt overwhelmed during bar review, I went back to the Multistate Basics. The simplicity and clarity of the materials were a godsend!
C.S. Ray, Virginia Attorney
The Sullivan Method Multistate Basics were the reason I passed the New York bar, I have no doubt.
J. Yu , New York
The Sullivan Method Multistate Basics provides question/answer-type outlines that cover the bar material but presents it in a way that forces you to actively think about the material. I have no doubt that this translated into the points I needed.
Evelyn A., Virginia Attorney
I used The Sullivan Method Multistate Basics for my first attempt at the Maryland bar. I not only passed but I got a 170 on the MBE! The strategies set forth in these books are easy to understand, simple to implement, and damn effective!
R.R., Maryland Attorney
I was a first time bar exam taker and the second person in my family to use these books. The Sullivan Method Multistate Basics made the task of studying for the bar a lot less overwhelming. By concentrating on what you “need to know” rather than everything under the sun, the seemingly impossible amount of material became possible to digest. This approach built a solid foundation of understanding for the MBE and in turn, made MBE distinctions and state subjects very manageable. I cannot recommend The Sullivan Method highly enough!
Allison R. , Massachusetts Attorney

“I received above average scores on all the Multi-State (MEE) essays. The Sullivan Method materials illuminated the points of law that were most frequently tested. The materials are very compact, and having three toddlers, I really needed to save time.”
Kristi F., Esq., Missouri
“The Sullivan Method’s presentation of all the required information needed to take and pass the bar exam is uncanny and unmatched. The books condense a voluminous amount of material to the most important elements one needs to know and memorize. In fact, it’s all the substantive law you need for all the MBE and MEE subjects. Once you know these books, you will be set for the bar exam.
Chris L., Esq.
“Repeating the bar exam for the fourth time was daunting. And, since I was working full time it was even more of a challenge. My evenings and weekends were precious, and The Sullivan Method MBE and MEE materials really helped me use my time in the best way possible. The question and answer format of the materials clarified a lot of things for me and I know that’s how I got the points I needed to pass!”
J.B., Esq., Virginia
“I used The Sullivan Method Multistate Basics and MEE materials for the Washington State Bar Exam and passed on my first attempt. The Sullivan Method is the opposite of the complicated, overloaded, and confusing-at-times bar review courses. The books set forth principles of what the bar will cover in a clear and realistic manner. The materials concentrate on the big picture and keep you focused on what is most important.”
V.J. Esq.
”The Sullivan Method MBE and MEE materials were exactly what I was looking for. Active learning is the way to go, and the question and answer format never let me down. I knew when I knew something, and when it needed further review. But I knew it all when it counted! If I ever need to prepare for another bar exam, I know what materials I will use!”
C.C. Esq., Colorado
“I used The Sullivan Method for Maryland and the District of Columbia and passed both. I will never have to take the bar exam again!”
I.B. Esq., District of Columbia
“The Sullivan Method materials present the core information in new and interesting ways. They are authoritative: you can be confident that all of the important material is being covered. They are actually kind of fun to read – they are worlds apart from any of the dry outlines designed by the bar courses! And best of all, they help you remember all of the concepts so that you learn them. I found them extremely helpful and I came to rely on them exclusively.”
B.G.W. Esq., ”District