The Sullivan Method: Multistate Basics Volumes cover all MBE subjects! This is “the graduation gift you give yourself.” Don’t wait to begin bar review until after graduation – hit the ground running with The Sullivan Method: Multistate Basics. With the multistate subjects mastered, you can spend more time testing. More testing leads to higher scores and passing scores!

This is a two-volume set. Volume One is Questions. Volume Two is Answers. They are coil bound so that you may read the questions and answers together. Once you master the Answers, issues start to “pop out” at you on the bar exam.

The Questions Volume contains precise questions for each multistate subject. These questions call on you to define legal principles with precision and articulate the difference between closely-related concepts that are frequently confused. This entails active learning. You will know for certain when you “know” something and when you only “recognize” it. For many people, this makes all the difference.

The Answers Volume contains the Answers to the Questions set forth in the Questions volume. These answers have been developed specifically with the bar exam in mind. Unlike law school, the bar exam is an exam of limited complexity and depth. The Answers in this volume are shorter and clearer than what you have seen before. Dozens of examples are provided to clarify even the most complex concepts.

These are strategic materials. They have been carefully drafted to emphasize what you need to know, and to not waste your time on concepts that are too remote to make a difference. Remember: this is a pass/fail exam. You are not trying to get a letter grade of “A” – you are trying to pass. These materials give you more than enough information to attain critical mass, and they do not waste your time on complex, convoluted subjects that do not appear on the bar exam.

The subjects covered are:

  • Contracts
  • Article 2
  • Real Property
  • Land Transfer
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Constitutional Law
  • Torts
  • Federal Civil Procedure

NOTE: CONTRACTS Questions & Answers will be sent to you immediately upon placing your order so that you may begin studying right away.

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Make this time the last time you take the bar exam!