The Sullivan Method Maryland Essay Testing Materials are thorough, comprehensive, and above all else, clear! The three volumes contain 111 released Maryland Essays, Extracts of Maryland code, and extensive Analysis & Commentary on the substance and style of the Maryland bar exam.

Questions Volume – 111 released Maryland Essays covering all subjects tested on the Maryland bar exam. The selected essays demonstrate many different points of law in each topic.

Extracts Volume – This volume is used in conjunction with the Questions volume for essays that require the test-taker to use Maryland statutes to formulate their answers. Extracts are provided for essays covering Civil Procedure, Family Law, Negotiable Instruments, and Secured Transactions.

Answers Volume – Meticulously researched and thoroughly explained answers to all of the essays in the Essay Volume. Each answer is presented in “bullet” point format for easy comprehension. Essay Writing Rules from the Multistate Strategy, Questions & Answers Volumes are illustrated and noted where applicable.

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