Why Choose The Sullivan Method?

  • Research shows that active learning works best!
  • Less IS more! The questions and answers are short and clear. Spend less time studying and more time testing!
  • It’s like riding a bike: Do you want to read volumes about riding a bike, or do you want to ride? The Sullivan Method gets you riding sooner—and faster!
  • The Sullivan Method is tailored to YOU, based on more than 20 years of turning law graduates into lawyers!

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You will give yourself a competitive edge if you use The Sullivan Method MULTISTATE BASICS to master the multistate subjects in the months before graduation and bar review. Learn More
Repeating the bar exam is an experience vastly different from taking it the first time. To get a better result, you need a different strategy: The Sullivan Method STRATEGY, QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. Learn More
Private tutorials can give you the competitive edge you need! Contact The Sullivan Method to arrange a session.Learn More
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